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Advanced Lancing Device

Advanced Lancing Device

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The Keto-Mojo Advanced Lancing Device is a convenient tool that allows you to withdraw capillary blood samples for glucose and ketone testing which requires one or two droplets of blood. As a more advanced lancing device, it provides ultimate safety and comfort for obtaining blood samples. 


  • An adjustable tip offers 7 levels of skin penetration so you can adjust to your individual comfort level.
  • A lancet ejector makes it easier and safer than ever to dispose of the used lancet.
  • The device is made of high-gloss material with a no-slip grip.
  • A visual indicator displays when the lancing device is loaded with a lancet.

NOTE: Keto-Mojo lancets are recommended for use with the device.  Other lancets may not work properly with the Keto-Mojo Advanced Lancing Device.

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