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Bluetooth Ketone & Glucose Meter - Basic Starter Kit

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This kit will take the guesswork out of ketosis so you can manage your ketogenic diet with success and get results.

The Basic Starter Kit includes the TOP-RATED Keto-Mojo Bluetooth ketone and glucose meter, 10 ketone strips, 10 glucose strips, and the accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. It takes the guesswork out of ketosis with the most accurate and affordable meter on the market.

Bluetooth integration allows you to instantly download all of your glucose and ketone readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app on your smartphone so you can track and monitor your progress. It’s a simple and seamless connection from your Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter to the app. 

  • Unlimited storage ensures you never have to worry about upgrading capacity or losing heritage data.
  • Filters allow you to review your data in a variety of formats. Toggle from glucose to ketones, check by date range, scroll through past results, or download your results into a CSV file.
  • Upload your readings from the app to select health management platforms where you can monitor glucose and ketone readings alongside other vital health metrics.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity with the Keto-Mojo Classic app compatible with iOS (version 12.0 and above) and Android (version 6 and above).

    Customer Reviews

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    4.70 Average

    858 Reviews

    Beverly F

    It is so easy to monitor my ketones and glucose for health goals.

    Perry B

    Fantastic refresh on the meter. Bluetooth integration is simple to use and fast in transferring data. The new interface for gki is awesome as well. Just keeps getting better. Thanks for the support and improvements in the products.

    Rachel C

    Meter is good but wish it came with control solution. It seems strange to have to buy that separately when it tells you to use it before you use your meter

    Susan K

    Fast, easy testing with the Bluetooth is awesome. Love that I have my readings at my fingertips right on my phone. Highly recommend.

    Sarah H

    So far so good but I wish the control solution came with the starter kit. It would make more sense.

    Shauna B

    Christa B

    Amazing and so easy to use! Tracking both my ketones and glucose couldn’t be easier AND being and to keep it on my phone to send to my doctors during this pandemic is amazing!

    Donna F

    I'm just getting started with keto and my doctor recommended the Keto-Mojo meter since I would be able to test both blood glucose and ketones with just one meter. I had a small glitch when I first placed my order but their customer support team fixed it right away. I've only had the meter for a few weeks but it's easy to use and is doing what I need it to do.

    Kelly O

    I had one that was older and was showing an error. It was still working and accurate but because it was older and not integrated to the newer blood testing strips, they sent me a whole new kit. They are the best ketone and blood testing unit out there!

    Patricia C

    I really like it! It’s easy to use and helpful on my ketogenic diet! I need to buy more strips!

    Yahaira R

    Easy to use and set up with the app. I only wish there where more test trips in the intro kit. When you are type 2 diabetic to check at least twice a day.


    It’s great however there’s only 10 test strips and lancets so I would definitely purchase the bundle kit over the starter kit as you go through the 10 in a few days. Some of the test strips did not work so I had to order more immediately and they’re not cheap. Great meter though.


    Awesome product, even better customer service.


    very easy to setup and use and nice design, too :)

    Mark S

    I've got to say I'm enjoying using the Keto-Mojo Glucose, Ketone meter. Before even using the meter I watched countless UTube videos. I wanted to see and hear different people's opinions on the meter. Overwhelming positive testimonies assured me that this was the correct choice. I then watched the videos that you have explaining how to use the meter. Now I can see the positive results of me being on the Keto diet and hopefully stop taking the last diabetes medication when I get my next A1C results in July. I've gone from 8.1 to 7.0 at my last test in April. Glucose readings are also dropping.

    dave m

    There were only 8 strips in the ketone strips bottle, so far 2 out of six gave error codes.

    Joanna C

    Enjoying the ease, simplicity and use of the glucose monitor. The company also did a great job not bombarding my email while providing relevant and good content to get a clear understanding of how to use and navigate the monitor. I felt well prepared before my monitor even arrived. Thanks for the professionalism!

    Jamie B

    I received this very quickly and it was easy to set up. I had a hard time pairing it with my phone, but I think that was an issue with my phone, not the meter. So far it seems easy to use and very accurate.


    High quality product and even higher quality customer service . the product works great and is definitely worth the money



    Great product for measuring glucose and/or ketones. You don’t have to be a diabetic to use this product to improve your health. Easy to use, travel with, etc.


    Easy to use! Great product!



    The product came very quickly. I had no trouble getting the strips or the meter to work. I have not had any issues with the product. I am very happy with the product, customer service and their follow up with me. There are some design changes that would be nice; it takes a lot of blood with these strips compared to typical glucose meter strips. The lancet is different from my other one; I have to have it on the deepest setting versus right in the middle.


    The starter kit is more than sufficient to get starter. Really love the meter, as it's simple and user friendly.

    Richard V

    I love it and use it almost every day. It's easy fast and accurate. I tried urine strips but they're a waste of time. This gives you the accurate readings you need to track progress. Go ahead and buy the extra glucose and ketone strips as well. The starter pack doesn't last as long as you want it to.

    Lani M

    I am very pleased to be able to monitor my glucose and ketones level in a much more accurate way, and with facility. I like being able to sync my results in order to have a record of readings to discuss with my endocrinologist.

    Meloniey K

    The meter is very simple and easy to use. The app is simple and very user friendly. I wish the app had the GKI calculator built in, but I use a spreadsheet to track that, formulas are created lol. I use my keto-mojo to track both my glucose and ketones in an effort to help prevent migraines, getting my nutrition nailed down and knowing what foods impact my glucose levels is important for me. I'm glad Keto-Mojo makes such a quality product that is affordable and accurate!

    steven g

    the videos are very helpful. The biggest issue to prevent Err to show up is to make sure that there is blood that goes the length of the stick. I am frustrated that the keto sticks are so expensive. There is no reason that you can't get price down to match those of the glucose stick.$1 a stick is unreasonable.

    Terry M

    Easy to use. Very accurate. Over all it's exactly what your sight says it is. It arrived on time ready to use. Great product.