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Bluetooth Ketone & Glucose Meter - Basic Starter Kit


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The Basic Starter Kit includes the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth ketone and glucose meter, 10 ketone strips, 10 glucose strips, and the accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. It takes the guesswork out of ketosis with the most accurate and affordable meter on the market.

Bluetooth integration allows you to instantly download all of your glucose and ketone readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app on your smartphone so you can track and monitor your progress. It’s a simple and seamless connection from your Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter to the app. 

  • Unlimited storage ensures you never have to worry about upgrading capacity or losing heritage data.
  • Filters allow you to review your data in a variety of formats. Toggle from glucose to ketones, check by date range, scroll through past results, or download your results into a CSV file.
  • Upload your readings from the app to select health management platforms where you can monitor glucose and ketone readings alongside other vital health metrics.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity with the Keto-Mojo Classic app compatible with iOS (version 12.0 and above) and Android (version 6 and above).

    Customer Reviews

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    4.71 Average

    780 Reviews

    Brandy C


    Love the meter. It has helped me with my weight loss journey. Knowing how different foods affect your ketones has made a big difference in my life.

    William G


    Krys B

    Skye L


    What a great starter kit for Ketone and glucose reading with an excellent price and it uses minimum amounts of blood.

    Stephanie E

    I already had the previous version with the Bluetooth adaptor but I really wanted the ease of the integrated Bluetooth. I gave my previous meter to my husband for occasional use and I'm using the integrated one now twice a day. Its so much easier and quicker! Even if you already have an older one, I still recommend you splurge a little and get the one with integrated Bluetooth!

    Fidel L

    Very accurate meter!! Great product!!

    Brad D

    tierni e

    I had received expired Keytone strips with my kid but they were so wonderful and sent out replacement straps within minutes of me emailing them. They were very responsive and very helpful in explaining to me how to go about using the expired ones if I needed to so I could start in a timely manner with my group. I would recommend this company 100% :-)

    Chris P

    This kit was a great value to get me started on my Keto journey. Using the meter and strips is super simple and I love the fact that they give so many easy how-to instructional videos with many valuable tips as well. I almost look forward to getting up in the morning to see where my numbers are for the day and it sets my mind at ease that I know I'm still in Ketosis. This package was definitely worth the price, although, knowing what I know now, I probably would have went ahead and grabbed the package with the extra strips and Bluetooth adapter, which is very helpful for keeping your data on your phone, where it's more visible.

    Rick C

    Delivered a promised, quick and secure, thanks!


    Great starter kit, have already bought more strips

    Analyn L

    I love my new monitor. I am pregnant and trying to make sure I am staying out of the diabetic range with this baby. It stores my reading, is easy to use and I plan on using this long after baby is born to get back into ketosis and get back on track. I love that I only need one meter to measure glucose and ketones. This is big part of my taking my own health into my own hands and stay away from big pharma products! Thank you :-)

    Erin B

    this Comes with everything you need to get started. It is easy to use and the results are easy to read. I knocked off one star because it only comes with 10 ketone test strips. I am not testing my glucose just ketones so I wish it would come with more strips for ketones. I went online to see about getting more test strips and they are SUPER expensive. I wish I would have looked into that before my purchase because I have almost run out of the strips now and have to wait till I can shell out like 40 to 50 bucks to test again. But it does work great!

    Todd B

    All around, it was exactly what I wanted to try out the meter experience. The video guidance was better than the paperwork.

    Margaret R

    Products came earlier then expected and I had zero problems understanding the instructions. I would totally be buying more products and also recommend you guys!!!

    Mark P

    Great kit, cane with a ton of stuff. I have used this to my benifit. I wish the app itself had more ways to group and look at data. If it did 5 stars.


    Lisa W

    I have really enjoyed (yes enjoyed) getting to know this meter. I am a 15+ year diabetic so checking my blood is no big deal. That being said, the lancet device in this kit DOESN'T HURT AT ALL! I use it for all my testing needs. I'm trying to get the hang of this ketone jazz and hopefully I'll get it under control soon. Thanks for making this process easier than I imagined.

    James j

    The price is amazing and with a little practice and patience I was able to get good results

    Ben S

    I am thrilled with this meter - I messed around with some other brand names, and was very dissatisfied with the quality of the meters (huge number swings from the same sample) as well as the difficulty in getting a reading. I've had no such problems with my Keto Mojo meter since I bought it, and would happily recommend to ANYONE who needs to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. This is a FANTASTIC meter.

    Michael S

    Great deal, the best

    Stephanie S

    Love it! Use it several times a day!

    Tracie B

    This is my first ever blood testing kit, and the thought of using it made me break into a sweat. But using this is so easy and, literally, painless. I watched the short, helpful videos - quite a bit easier to understand than the written instructions. The kit is compact and easy for travel or taking with me during the day. The 50 test strips and the lancets are going to run out quickly, so I suggest ordering extras - as I'm about to do.

    Sharon S

    Works great, easy to use and easy to read!

    Frank M

    Very easy and painless to use. I definitely recommend for anybody new to the keto diet.

    David R

    Awesome product!!! It seems to be accurate and extremely easy to use. The icing on the cake is how affordable the meter and test strips are. I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to monitor ketones or glucose.

    Katie T

    I love this! I have used this for a couple of weeks without any issues and so far it's wonderful, reliable and easy to use. When in doubt, refer to the website or go to youtube for their video tutorials! They provide everything you need to know and the shipping was pretty quick. I have no complaints yet.