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Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter Kit - Promo Bundle

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This bodacious bundle has everything you need for keto success, including our TOP-RATED ketone and glucose meter with Bluetooth integration, our all new 105 page Keto-Mojo Keto Kickstart Guide:The Keto Diet for Beginners, and discounts on cool tools and food products to help you stay on track and savor the keto life!

The Keto-Mojo meter kit gives you everything you need to measure your level of ketosis and help you dial in your ketogenic diet. The kit includes the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth ketone and glucose meter 60 ketone strips, and  60 glucose strips, along with the accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. It takes the guesswork out of ketosis with the most accurate and affordable meter on the market.

Bluetooth integration allows you to instantly download all of your glucose and ketone readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app on your smartphone so you can track and monitor your progress. It’s a simple and seamless connection from your Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter to the app. 

  • Unlimited storage ensures you never have to worry about upgrading capacity or losing heritage data.
  • Filters allow you to review your data in a variety of formats. Toggle from glucose to ketones, check by date range, scroll through past results, or download your results into a CSV file.
  • Upload your readings from the app to select health management platforms where you can monitor glucose and ketone readings alongside other vital health metrics.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity with the Keto-Mojo Classic app compatible with iOS (version 12.0 and above) and Android (version 6 and above).
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When you purchase the Promo Bundle Kit, look for the follow-up email that will explain how to download the Kickstart Guide e-Book and redeem your discounts for all of the items below. 

With our new Kickstart Guide, you’ll find everything you need to ease into the rewarding world of keto. We’ve organized the subjects based on what we think you’ll want to know first. As long as you know and follow the keto fundamentals—and you’ll learn them all here—you’re on the path to your best and most delicious and healthful life.



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    4.79 Average

    1565 Reviews

    Alejandrino V

    Hi the package and price I received was a great deal, however I am experiencing issues with the application when syncing my readings. I have to clear all the data each morning and then re-sync all the data including the new morning data for that days data to show up in my application.

    Jill P

    Having the Keto-Mojo meter has revolutionized my keto experience! Finally seeing hard data (I’ve used the urine dipstick and breath meter measurements as well) that I can really trust has made getting into and staying in ketosis so much more fun and enjoyable. I feel accountable and I love the feeling of seeing the numbers reflect my disciplined nutrition. I feel so much more comfortable experimenting with foods, exercise, and timing since I have such accurate information to guide me. So happy with this purchase!!!

    Darlene W

    The ease of the Bluetooth connection meter and test journal is convenient. Gone are the days of the paper journal.

    Audrey B

    Love my meter!

    Matthew H

    Very satisfied!


    love it work great

    April C

    The KetoMojo test kit is a must-have while on Keto Diet. Helps me stay on track and understand what's happening inside my body. Also the insite when tracking Blood Glucose, Ketones and GKI, helps to know you're on the right track to meet your weight loss and health goals! I also love the Bluetooth & KetoMojo App. Spot trends and be aware of changes, when and why they occur. An amazing tool for your Journey, and for your health. Glad I bought it, the only con I can think of: Price. The price of Ketone test strips are very high indeed.

    Zipporah A

    This is a very good tool to help me check my glucose and ketones level.

    Clifford M

    Meter is great. Bluetooth connection is inconsistent with my Android phone. Half the time the upload hangs. Then I need to close and restart the app to get the latest reading to upload to the phone.

    Donna J

    So glad I bought this it keeps me accountable

    Robin R

    Happy with this meter. I can test both glucose and ketosis. The website has been great with information about testing, results, and a delicious zucchini chocolate chip muffin recipe! Happy!

    Susan R

    Love it

    James W

    Easy to understand and use

    Max J

    Johanna M

    Está bien Lo único que no he podido y conectarlo al celular Android para que le guarde los datos

    Dan C

    This meter is well-designed and works very well. Learning how to use it was simple and quick. The blue-tooth connection works well, and the app to collect the readings is very easy to use. The product was shipped quickly, and I had it within six days of ordering. The only incident that gave me pause is that the owner's manual refers to using the buffer solution to calibrate the readings. The manual actually says to do this before using the meter. You can buy buffer solutions for glucose and ketones. When making the purchase, there is no information on the website suggesting a need to buy this product. I did see that the solutions were offered, but since no recommendation was made, I did not purchase. In retrospect, I wish I had done so, just to be sure. The small additional cost of $10-$20 would have been worth it to know that the meter was accurately calibrated. I did not want to wait to use the meter or pay the additional shipping cost for an order under the minimum charge, so opted to use the meter as is for the time being. When I need to reorder strips, I will buy the buffering solutions then. Somewhere either on the website or later in the manual, I read a statement that meters are very accurate, particularly when new. So, I think I am ok. Also, the actual readings seem to fit with what I was expecting based on published information. That said, I recommend buying the buffering solutions when you purchase the meter to have greater assurance of accuracy.



    I actually like it! I like the way it syncs with my iPhone. It was pretty WSU to setup and its easy to use.

    Judy K

    Everything looks good in my bundle. I had a few issues with E2 coming up several times. Finally, figured it out with a rep I chatted with yesterday. I'll be testing my blood starting tomorrow or Saturday.

    Jonathan V

    With the help of the keto mojo team and the e-news letters, I've been able to really take hold of my overall health and wellness. I have a new found sense of confidence in myself and my ability to change my life through fitness and nutrition because now I know how MY body works and reacts to the food I eat and where I stand on a daily basis.

    Lori H

    Very easy to use and easy to connect to app through Bluetooth. High quality device.

    Mike L

    This is a high quality tool you can use to monitor your keto journey. The device and app work great. I'm very happy I purchased it and their website has more valuable information than any other place I've found on the web. Great job Keto-mojo!

    Dena G

    I like the meter & system, but I have had several times when I have got the E-U error when testing the Ketones which is frustrating. No one wants to throw .99 away. The website and informational emails are exceptional!

    Daniel M

    Superrr easy to use, and the bluetooth syncing to the Keto-Mojo app nice! Plus it automatically calculates GKI as well, so one less thing I have to do. If everything isn't pretty straightforward as it is, the videos they have to orient you to the device is nice as well! I would buy it all over again if I needed too. 10/10 would recommend. Happy customer!

    Sheri B

    This little device is like none other. I wanted a method to measure my health in a direct way as it relates to nutrition and exercise. The Keto Mojo reads blood glucose and ketones at the same time. This unique factor gives a reading of the ratio between the two. It’s helped me to track this data before and after exercise and and how different foods affect my readings. It ultimately helps to keep my health in the positive, get leaner, and maintain great energy levels. Thank you Keto Mojo!

    Donn C


    Very handy device and easy to use. I really appreciate all the helpful videos on the Keto-Mojo site as well.

    David H

    I originally purchased the kit because I was looking forward to connecting it to my headsup health account. Apparently, I'm still waiting on an app update before this can happen. So you only get four stars.

    Kendall J

    I've only used it once for both functions, but it was easy to use and nicely designed. As with all monitors of this type, I wish the test strips were more affordable as I'd like to check more often.

    Talia S