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Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter Kit - Promo Bundle

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This bodacious bundle has everything you need for keto success, including our TOP-RATED ketone and glucose meter with Bluetooth integration, our all new 105 page Keto-Mojo Keto Kickstart Guide:The Keto Diet for Beginners, and discounts on cool tools and food products to help you stay on track and savor the keto life!

The Keto-Mojo meter kit gives you everything you need to measure your level of ketosis and help you dial in your ketogenic diet. The kit includes the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth ketone and glucose meter 60 ketone strips, and  60 glucose strips, along with the accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. It takes the guesswork out of ketosis with the most accurate and affordable meter on the market.

Bluetooth integration allows you to instantly download all of your glucose and ketone readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app on your smartphone so you can track and monitor your progress. It’s a simple and seamless connection from your Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter to the app. 

  • Unlimited storage ensures you never have to worry about upgrading capacity or losing heritage data.
  • Filters allow you to review your data in a variety of formats. Toggle from glucose to ketones, check by date range, scroll through past results, or download your results into a CSV file.
  • Upload your readings from the app to select health management platforms where you can monitor glucose and ketone readings alongside other vital health metrics.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity with the Keto-Mojo Classic app compatible with iOS (version 12.0 and above) and Android (version 6 and above).
Promotional Offers

When you purchase the Promo Bundle Kit, look for the follow-up email that will explain how to download the Kickstart Guide e-Book and redeem your discounts for all of the items below. 

With our new Kickstart Guide, you’ll find everything you need to ease into the rewarding world of keto. We’ve organized the subjects based on what we think you’ll want to know first. As long as you know and follow the keto fundamentals—and you’ll learn them all here—you’re on the path to your best and most delicious and healthful life.



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    4.78 Average

    1669 Reviews

    Jennifer A

    GAME CHANGER! The machine itself and the app!

    Rhonda M

    Just still trying to figure it out. The videos you send are very helpful.


    I have never done my own blood testing before. I found this easy to use and set up with the phone app. Results come back super quick!

    Anthony H

    Easy to use and a great tool to keep ketone levels up.

    Jamie B

    Love the keto mojo...easy to use and takes all the guessing out of trying to stay on track. Will purshase a second one for hubby.

    Danielle B

    I appreciated that the bundle came with everything I needed to determine when I went into Ketosis. It’s great how I can see my GKI on the app. I also enjoyed watching the educational videos. I’m really glad I purchased the meter.

    Mara K

    Works great. I think it was supposed to come with a testing solution dropper since there's instructions on how to use the solution. I haven't used any of the promos yet, but I will!

    Teresa S

    I love that the new meter calculates the GKI and bluetooths to my phone without the additional tool. I think this bundle is the most economical.

    Jamie O

    Great so far, and very easy to use.

    Mary H

    I felt overwhelmed at first with reading all the info there was. In the email it said watching the videos was easier. After watching the videos, I felt much better! Have used it twice now and all is well.

    Harold P

    I like the new meter. The bluetooth function works flawlessly. Half the Glucose strips in the original 10 pack included with the kit failed with an error code. But the ones used from the 50 count container so far have worked without error.

    Kelly S

    I am type 2 diabetic trying to get on track with my readings. This has made it a little easier to keep track. I have never tested ketones and this is interesting to say the least. Now I think I can keep with my food plan easier as I can see the immediate results. I am a little irritated that the control did not come with the glucose monitoring strips. I had to order it separately. It should be included in the kit because it is an important part of the whole system.

    Mircea R

    very practical at home and at work, easy and fast results, perfect for keeping eye on you health.

    Sheryl S

    I love my Keto-Mojo. I only wish it would connect to my FitBit and/or CarbMgr. However it does connect to Apple Health on my iPhone.

    Philip F

    Absolutely thrilled with the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter Kit - Promo Bundle. Everything I need to keep track of my glucose and ketone levels throughout the day including: general, pre-meal and post-meal. The GKI is a bonus that let's me know the level of therapeutic ketosis I am in. Easy to use and sync. Def recommend!

    Sue C

    I like it, for sure. I have only used it once, but I am looking forward to continuing this process. I could not sync it to my iPhone 11, which is frustrating. Probably my deficiency.


    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy to use

    Bill D

    So far so good. I don’t like poking myself but I like having the accuracy of the meter to tell me when I’m in ketosis.

    Lynn S

    Easy to use & has helped me so much on my Keto journey. I feel it’s so much more accurate then the irons strips.

    Jennifer N

    This makes it so simple to follow a Keto lifestyle! It comes with everything you need to get started as soon as the package arrives at the door, and the support videos and user guide are great!

    William G

    You need to sell lancets also or tell where to get them.

    Gretchen M

    I love the ease of use of this meter. I have been a nurse for over 45 years and I wish more people used this meter than the ones that are recommended by their physicians, etc. I think the information gained would be far more useful, especially for Type 2 Diabetics. Love that the meter syncs with the phone app and keeps track of everything for me. Highly recommend! Wish I had known about it sooner.

    Salvador R

    Neat little package with everything you need to check glucose and ketones. Easy to use. Lots of instructions though.

    Tami J

    I love my Keto-Mojo Meter. It’s super easy to use and comes with clear instructions. Also, being able to test ketones and glucose is amazing! I will definitely refer this product to family band friends!

    Patty K

    Extremely easy to use and works well with the App. GreaT way to keep track of levels and record them I love it! I also enjoy the articles and videos that are emailed to me.

    Nanette F

    This is the best value.


    I bought a second one its that good one for work and one for home :)

    Rhonda B

    I just wish the instructions were a little clearer. I had difficulty with the finger sticker and didn't understand the chip that goes into the meter and when to use it.

    Haley O

    Amazing, simple to use tool! I’m currently letting my sister borrow it - she wants to order one too and I know she will once she tries mine out and sees how great they are to have around. Thank you!

    Kristen K

    I'm impressed with the speedy results that the meter provides. No other product to my knowledge gives me this much insight into my glucose and ketone levels. The GKI statistic that is calculated for me in the app is especially important.