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GKI Testing Strip Bundle

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When you measure glucose and ketones together, you can calculate your GKI, an important tool to help track your level of ketosis and general metabolic status.

Knowledge is power! and that's what you get when you measure both glucose and ketones. Now you can get both strips for a combined price of only ONLY 55¢ PER STRIP!

The GKI, a ratio between glucose and ketone measurements, is an increasingly important measure for therapeutic ketosis used to manage chronic health conditions. It can be easily calculated by taking your glucose and ketone readings at the same time.  That's why we've bundled these two strips together. Read more about the GKI Index here.

Includes 50 Glucose Stripsand  50 Ketone Strips

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The most advanced technology in the industry.
Patented Testing Technology utilizing 2+2 bio signal:
2 enzymes + 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16 bits, 8 mips microprocessor. 

Our strips exceed FDA and ISO international standards for the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

Glucose Strips:

  • Measures from 10 - 700 mg/dL (0.56 – 38.89 mmol/L)
  • 96% accuracywithin 10% of laboratory reading.
  • ISO15197:2013  accuracy 15 mg/dL if ≤100mg/dL
  • Reaction time: Results in 5 seconds

Ketone Strips:

  • Measures from 0.1 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L
  • 97% accuracy within 15% of laboratory reading.
  • Reaction time: Results in 10 seconds


Customer Reviews

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4.76 Average

1303 Reviews

Susan W

These strips help keep focused on my health. I'm especially pleased with the glucose strips whose measurements are similar to a prescribed brand so I feel their readings are reliable.

Rachael S

I love the keto mojo monitor and strips. The refill strips are priced so well. I'm able to test our 2 keto household members often without breaking the bank. It's awesome having instant reassurance that you're on track! The app is super simple and user friendly as well. Thanks, keto mojo!

Nina C

Tamara H

Love my monitor,it makes things a lot easier with Ketone/glucose all in one monitor.

Jim B

These strips are larger and easier to manipulate than other smaller strips Once you understand the Bluetooth syncing it all works very well Follow the how to videos rather than reading the instructions the videos are much clearer

Malkit B

These strips help me to really focus in on my sugar levels and keto. I would struggle to know what’s happening to me without them. When I get days where nothing has happened for me, the strips give me insight as to my inner condition. This allows me to think about where I need to adjust my diet. It also can alert me to foods not correct for me

Stephen R

Ordering was easy, arrived quickly.

Julia F

Arrived in a short time. Good packaging.

Sheena A

I absolutely adore my Keto-Mojo machine. It provides me with more information than any other machine that I throughly researched before making my initial purchase. It’s user friendly and I find that the keto strips are a bargain (I AM FRUGAL) coupled with the awesome sales it’s a win win. I suggest that if your in the market for a outstanding product shop Keto-Mojo you won’t be disappointed!

Edward P

Michele R

Great product highly recommend for your keto journey!


I have ordered several times and am happy with them for the most part. Seems like after a month or so they just don't read correctly for the ketones.

Lucrecia K

Love this company and their products!! I won't use anything else.

Charles R

Always pleased with the website, product and customer service at Keto-Mojo.

Kasi C

The Keto-Mojo strips and products are excellent. Clear instructions, easy to use and very reliable.

Andrea W

Trustable, affordable strips. Perfect to test GKI.

Dave R

Excellent service. Responsive & accurate!

Amber F

I love this monitor and the strips. It is so easy to use and is accurate.


Normally delivered to my mailbox after 3 days after I've placed the order.

Barbara C

My go to testing strips. Helps me stay on track with my keto lifestyle love this product

Dave D

GKI is the way to go for Keto!

Jenifer B

Really love the Keto Mojo keto testing strip bundle. This has made tracking my ketosis much easier

Carol L

Love the accuracy of the strips and quick delivery!


Excellent price,! Thank you! fast shipping !


Excellent product, very fast shipping.

Joi S

Love your store. Fast delivery and easy to shop. Thank you.

Alejandrino V

Joan T

Love my keto mojo meter - strip order so easy.


Brooke B

The best way to keep track of your GKI !!! The KETO Mojo Meter is super easy to use and the app makes tracking your GKI a breeze. Lots of informative videos available to answer questions I had and a friendly support staff. Highly Recommend this product!!!