Keto-Mojo Glucose Strips 100 Pack

Exceeds FDA and ISO international standards for the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

Includes 100 Glucose StripsONLY 25¢ PER STRIP! 
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Patented Testing Technology utilizing 2+2 bio signal:
2 enzymes + 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16 bits, 8 mips microprocessor. It is the most advanced technology in the industry.

  • Measures from 10 - 700 mg/dL (0.56 – 38.89 mmol/L)
  • 96% accuracywithin 10% of laboratory reading.
  • ISO15197:2013 accuracy 15 mg/dL if ≤100mg/dL
  • Reaction time: Results in 5 seconds


Customer Reviews

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4.75 Average

53 Reviews


I am very happy with these strips and also with the customer service I always receive. I highly Recommend you to my friends Thank You

Marla R



Joe K

I am happy with these strips. They are easy to use and work well with the Keto-Mojo monitor.

Paul H

A excellent value but accuracy is troubling when I see a 16 point spread on back to back test. 114 and 130. Wish meter or app would calculate daily averages.

Jonathan M

The strips do require a bit more blood than my previous but are much more accurate.

Mona F


I am very satisfied with the Keto-Mojo Glucose Strips 100 pack. Also your customer service people are so helpful. Thank You, P. Moon


Reliable readings. Terrific company with great customer support. I'm a migraineur who is part of the Stanton Migraine Protocol. The vast majority of people with migraines have insulin resistance, and being able to measure my blood glucose and ketones on a regular basis helps me to manage both conditions well.

Vanessa B


Michael T

Ketomojo glucose strips (which I use in the combination glucometer/ketometer) are for me a wonderfully reliable and economical measure of blood glucose. I am very pleased with consistency of repeated tests and have personally had anomalous readings only from inadequate capillary fill ("operator error"). I am very pleased.


Very helpful product.

Carl H

Larry H

Just Fine! But I have no experience with other strips for comparison.

Sheryl P

Great product at a great price! I am a returning customer and buy these as often as needed. Thank you so much for a great product!

James S

Now I don't have to worry about running out if I test more often.

Roman B

Same of strips not acyive

Anshy A

Great company, reliable keto and glucose strips. A great tool for my overall dietary lifestyle!!

Mariana K

Everything is great, just my strips end very quickly. Thank you!

Richard T

Always great service and fast delivery. First class products and technology a great product! Thanks very much.



Julian G

Great product. Minimal blood drop needed. Arrived quickly in US mail, so it arrives in my mailbox instead of needing to figure out delivery issues because I live in a gated apartment complex.

Karl S

I am type 2. I use two meters to get an average blood glucose reading. At this time I am using the Keto-Mojo and ReliOn from Walmart. I was using Bayer Contour Next. The strips for the Bayer increased in price on Amazon to almost 5 dollars per 50 strips more than Keto-Mojo. The Keto-Mojo glucose strips are a little more in cost than the ReliOn strips but I like have two different meters to compare results and as any tester will know "Your results WILL vary" meter to meter and strip to strip and we go through a lot of strips. Overall the Keto-Mojo has given repeatable results, (one meter, two or more strips, one blood sample) and with the advantage of Ketosis measurements. I do feel it is an accurate meter. Thanks Keto-Mojo!! Karl

Jennifer W

David M

Great product!


Excellent product and fast service I will definately be buying again


Love the Keto-mojo glucose strips, they work consistently well and as good as the big pharma brands. Reasonably priced. Also love the Keto-mojo ketone strips as well. Love the ability to test glucose and ketones on one meter. Great product. Thanks!



Cheap, consistent from strip-to-strip.