Keto-Mojo Ketone Strips 30 Pack 3x10

Our strips exceed FDA and ISO international standards for the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

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The most advanced technology in the industry.
Patented Testing Technology utilizing 2+2 bio signal: 
2 enzymes + 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16 bits, 8 mips microprocessor. 

  • Measures from 0.1 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L
  • 97% accuracy within 15% of laboratory reading.
  • Reaction time: Results in 10 seconds

Readings at low ketone levels allows the keto beginner to track their progress into nutritional ketosis!


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    david b

    5 stars. Great.


    Bonny F

    I am finding that the keto strips are not accurate readings. I have had to retest my ketones and find different readings on the same finger that was washed and sanitized. The fact that the Ketone strips are expensive and should be the same cost as the glucose strips. This makes me unsure if the strips are any good.

    Lynn H

    I am glad you offer these. I use them frequently to make sure I am in ketosis. I will continue to purchase these and other things from keto-mojo. Great product for the price.

    Laundra H

    They are very kind and courteous and most importantly quick when sending out the orders. Thank you

    Malissa M

    I have been testing for over a month and I know I am in ketosis. However every reading I get lately is ,2 or .4. That can't be right. They sent me new strips but I am out $50.00 on this batch. I was sent 30 free ones. But will they be good.

    Kimiko I

    Because my daughter has Type 1 diabetes, when she gets sick, it's important for me to be able not only to check for ketones in her urine but to check with a blood ketone meter as well. Twice now, the Ket-Mojo meter has saved us 2 trips to the Emergency Room. One time, it showed me that indeed I had to take her to the ER. Because we have no need to use the meter daily or even weekly, it's comforting to have the 10-strip only vials of strips since, once the vial is opened, one needs to use them within 6 months. I'm so happy to have discovered Keto-Mojo! The peace of mind is immeasurable. I also want to add that their customer service has been truly outstanding.

    Steven G

    I like this 30 count option for the keto strips. My keto-mojo has worked flawlessly.


    The ketone strips are very accurate, however they are at times difficult 2 avoid erroring out before they receive the blood in the tube. Other than that, I truly wish they were less expensive to replace.

    Janell O

    Awesome love it

    Diego O


    Wadha A

    Pamela F

    Excellent great item happy I purchased the kit strips are reasonably priced

    Danielle D

    I went through these quickly. For some reason a few gave me error messages once I put blood on the strip which made me have to use more than one.

    Kimberly S

    These were shipped quickly and accurately. Ordering was easy. The mojo is amazing for anyone beginning a keto lifestyle, especially if you are new to it. The blood tests help you figure out what is working in your diet and what is not. Ketone strips are a must have and these haven't failed me yet!

    Lisa A

    Thomas H

    Reasonable price! Quick delivery! Will be back!

    Suszanne J

    I am extremely please with my product(s) both my Mojo and my strips I had to reorder...due to using all of my ones that originally came with my kit in the first week...but that was due to testing my ketones in different situations. I HIGHLY recommend the Mojo and products! It is a total game changer for the ketogenic lifestyle!

    madeleine r

    Product is great and service is outstanding!

    Amanda C

    These strips are super easy to use and provide accurate feedback on ketone levels. This helps me on the keto diet so much!


    I just wish I could by more strips in a container.

    Laura L

    Monika O

    Jennifer S



    Great product for monitoring ketones. Fast shipping. Love the help/support videos.

    Muriel M

    Reliable strips. Just wish they were less expensive.


    Easy to use, easy to store, easy to carry.


    Jill B

    Love this company. Love the product. Shipped very fast. I recommend Keto-mojo to anyone wanting to keep track of their ketones or glucose.