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Keto-Mojo Ketone Strips 50 Pack

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Our strips exceed FDA and ISO international standards for the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $34

The most advanced technology in the industry.
Patented Testing Technology utilizing 2+2 bio signal: 
2 enzymes + 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16 bits, 8 mips microprocessor. 

  • Measures from 0.1 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L
  • 97% accuracy within 15% of laboratory reading.
  • Reaction time: Results in 10 seconds

Readings at low ketone levels allows the keto beginner to track their progress into nutritional ketosis!


    Customer Reviews

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    4.83 Average

    1111 Reviews

    Salli R

    A little pricey


    The strips are easy to use and the customer service is fantastic!

    Clinton H

    Everything showed up exactly like i ordered Thanx

    Jessie H

    Excellent product, very fast shipping, will order again.

    Elisa H

    Keto-Mojo strips are always reliable and help me stay on target with my goals. Suuper-fast shipping is a bonus!

    Laura S

    I love that these strips keep me on track with my keto lifestyle! They are easy to use and I feel are quite reliable.

    Christa B

    Lost my first package so I ordered and then found the first one so how I can have enough for quite a long time. Only issue I have had is for no reason it likes to say on occasion the strips have been used when they are brand new and just out of the container.

    Marcela P

    The most accurate ketone meter, easy to use and fast!

    Kim F

    Our keto strips arrived quickly. We love our Keto Mojo!

    Katherine B

    This is the most professional, trust worthy business I've worked with online for a very long time. Thank you,

    Kathy S

    Everything is excellent! Always!

    Heather D

    I love my keto mojo. The keto mojo team is incredibly helpful and the ordering experience is convenient and simple.

    Robin H

    I recently ordered a 50 strip pack of Keto-Mojo ketone strips. When it came I lost it. I needed them so I had to re-order them. I'm living on a fixed income and was very upset, so I reached out to customer service and asked for help. You sent me two packs. Thank you so much! I was so happy to get the number I paid for. Great product and great service!!

    Kira H

    Mary J

    Dennis K

    I recently had difficulty with an order, mostly from my own confusion. I contacted your company by email and received a very prompt response. In the next few days with a few back and forth exchanges we found the difficulty and got it resolved. Yet, before these efforts were resolved you had immediately sent me the order in question enabling me to continue with my keto diet without interruption. I consider that integrity on your part and therefor give your company a 5 star rating with gratitude!


    I have been using these for awhile now to keep track of my ketosis. They are easy to use. If you mistakenly throw out your Code Key their customer service is good at helping you out. Recommend for those doing keto.

    Barbara B

    Easy order, prompt replacements when US PO crushed my shipment and prompt mailing.

    Merryanne B

    Very happy with the customer service at Keto-Mojo. Had an issue with a box of strips and they sent replacement and got it within a week. Also was contacted by support when problem first happen and contacted again when replacement had arrived.

    Angelica V

    Pendra K

    Excellent strips. They work every time. Never had a dud.


    I was happy that in the turmoil of C-19 that I could order directly from the company and get my products delivered to Guam in short order. The major online mail delivery market place couldn’t do it right now. I’ll keep ordering this way.

    Richard V

    Don't guess -- test. These are easy to use and give you the confidence that your diet is working for you.

    Rosie N

    Fast & easy service. Order came in less than a week. Highly recommend.

    Juanita J

    I received my order pretty fast once I was able to place my order. What a relief. I got frustrated when I was trying to place my order. Leaving messages and not knowing if someone would call me back was a little unsettling. Finally I got the call back and got excellent service. I appreciated that. Thank you

    William M


    Love my Keto Mojo! The cost for the strips was reasonable. Love this company and the fantastic customer service!!

    Lynda F

    I find that if I test three times straight in a row I don’t get same number or even off by just one or two. Makes me wonder if it’s accurate. Also would be nice if I bought so many times in a row we could get one free or discount

    Jennifer H

    Misty J

    I trust this brand wholeheartedly. Super easy to use and the videos are a huge plus.