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Keto-Mojo Ketone Strips 50 Pack

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Our strips exceed FDA and ISO international standards for the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

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The most advanced technology in the industry.
Patented Testing Technology utilizing 2+2 bio signal: 
2 enzymes + 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16 bits, 8 mips microprocessor. 

  • Measures from 0.1 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L
  • 97% accuracy within 15% of laboratory reading.
  • Reaction time: Results in 10 seconds

Readings at low ketone levels allows the keto beginner to track their progress into nutritional ketosis!


    Customer Reviews

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    4.82 Average

    1181 Reviews

    Brenda G

    I got the extra ketone strips when I got my monitor system and I love how easy and well it works. As a new keto person (would you believe age 70) I am going to do this right and make it work. No other way of eating “right” has worked. I already feel better and no longer have those awful sudden drops in sugar that made me want to eat everything in sight. My glucose is normal. I will be ordering more of this high quality product!

    Laurel S

    I love these straps, but they are expensive

    Paul H

    A fair price for a quality product!

    Gina M

    Thanks for making the pursuit of health so affordable and easy!

    Dr. M

    Need the inserts into the device that pricks my skin to get the blood sample...where do I order these? Mike R

    Jeremy W

    Amber D

    This has helped me immensely. Thank you so much keto mojo

    Patti C

    These are the only ketone strips I have used and I am very happy with them.

    Rachael P

    Keto mojo keeps me accountable and on track.

    William G

    Jennifer B

    Love these test strips as their are more accurate then other testing methods. Thank you

    Victoria C

    Too expensive to keep buying these. I need a bundle price or something. Don’t need more glucose strips, just discounted keto strips at lower price for buying bulk


    Angela J

    I love the Keto-Mojo testing kit, including the meter, the lancette holder and the strips. I also bought the little vials that allow you to test everything to make sure its all working. If I go out of ketosis, it can take me a real long time to get back in and this kit helps me do that, plus I have NASH, which is insulin resistance and keeping an eye on what my glucose is doing has become important. The other ways of measuring (urine, breath) were OK, but not good enough. I love Keto-Mojo

    Cara N

    Wish they were cheaper.

    Carrie B

    Absolutely great product. I had no clue what I was doing but it was simple and quick to measure ketone and glucose levels.

    Letisha W

    The strips are fine. I haven’t actually opened them yet. But I would recommend more info with the actual machine. You have the video with how to do it. But I would have liked more info on what the results meant. I was googling the info. Just a suggestion.

    Peggy M

    Easy to use, great results for tracking. Could not do keto without the strips

    Allan M

    These are exactly as described and delivered fast. 100% satisfied

    Dale D

    I’m trying to order more keto strips,..but when i try to log in,..your computer doesn’t recognize my log in info. My email is dale.gloria.china@gmail.com. Please advise

    MaryBeth I

    Your website and customer service are top notch! Thank you for high quality products and comprehensive support!

    Lisa F

    Very pleased with my purchase.

    Lorrie S

    I like my machine but I wish the strips were not so expensive

    Lisa F

    I’ve been using the keto mojo ketone monitor for 2 years. I’ve compared it against other devices and it’s by far the most accurate monitor I’ve tried. It’s an excellent device with consist readings. I highly recommend this device to anyone who is practicing a healthy lifestyle and tracking blood ketones. I suspect it’s blood sugar accuracy is equally as stellar but I don’t use it to track blood glucose. It’s also one of the best priced devices out there. I’ve used keto urine strips which are useless. I’ve used a breath ketone monitor which is also inaccurate and useless and I’ve tried multiple blood ketone monitors just to test accuracy and found the keto mojo is the best!!!

    Seth C

    I had some small issues with one batch of keto strips and their customer service was quick to reply and remedy the situation. 10/10 customer service. recommended by my online mentor Thomas Delauer.

    talitha k

    I had a bad batch that didn't work and you guys were so helpful to rectify the issue.

    Peggy M

    The new strips work well and I am no longer getting error messages. Thank you.

    Thais L

    Easy, simple way of making sure we are on track with our keto lifestyles. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, right?! We love being able to see out ketone levals and understand what foods work best for our bodies. Btw, YOU should get one too (if you already don't) =)

    TONY H

    Great test strips. The strips are the perfect size to use compared to the much slimmer strips.

    Sara A

    I love this product and how easy it is just would like to see more discount for as much as I use the ketone strips