Ketone Control Solution

It is very rare for a meter to be out of calibration. Control solutions are a way to test your meter so you know that it is giving you accurate results.

Our control solutions contain a known amount of β-Ketone that can react with Keto-Mojo test strips.

Do a control solution test in following conditions:

  • You suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly.
  • You have dropped or think you may have damaged the meter.
  • Your blood ketone test results are not consistent with how you feel, or  you think the results are not accurate.
  • You are practicing the testing process.
  • You're a control freak and just wanna know (we are just having some fun here).
You can check the performance of the meter, test strip, and your technique by comparing the control solution results with the range printed on the label of the test strip vial. Checking regularly can ensure your test results are accurate.

If the quality control check fails, conduct the quality control check again or contact customer service

Please refer to the Owner's Manual that came with your meter or can be downloaded online for complete testing instructions.

Control Solution 4mL

Expiration Date: The expiration date is printed on the vial of the control solution, and is good for 90 days from opening.

Customer Reviews

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Scott O

No Problems whatsoever.

Jill B

I am not happy that I had to buy this. I will not be using Keto Mojo any longer. It is not a useful tool for me. It barely reads any ketones and I am still losing weight like I have high ketones. My husband does strict Keto and reads low ketones 0.5-0.8 on this meter. Not worth any more of my money and now I am out $25 for this stuff.

Kenneth A

Very happy with how the product worked. The only reason I didn't give a Very Good is the price. Based on how much you actually need to test with and the relatively short shelf life after opening, 90 days, $20 is a bit steep. Maybe consider selling a smaller quantity in something like a soft contact lens container with just enough solution to allow for 2-3 samples and then be tossed. The meters are accurate and I can't see retesting them on a regular basis so the larger bottle isn't really necessary once you've confirmed your meter is reading correctly.

Ben J

Rachel R


I would say this is very important to have to make sure your meter and strips are really working like they are supposed to.

David P

I asked 2 different means to get what the value of the bottle should be on my meter when testing since not present with bottle. Never a response

Cliff S

Seriously, the fact that this solution is available for the Ketomojo meter makes it reason enough to buy it. I used this solution for baseline testing of my meter and was able to figure out that my other meter was fairly inaccurate. Buy this solution— you will be much happier with the peace of mind for your meter.

Linda L

Just as important to check ketone strips as it is the blood glucose strips. Provides a great piece of mind


Shelia C

Easy to use. A must have as I had a bottle of bad strips and would not have known without it.


Easy to use.

Ramon G

Let me clarify my reason. The solution works fine, it was getting the solution that was less than ideal. I ordered the solution over a week ago, and I just got it yesterday. Mind you, I got a confirmation of it being shipped on the 22nd, and I got an email on the 24th that it was delivered and again, I just got it yesterday. It's been over a week of not being able to test the accuracy of my machine. If you made the solution available on amazon, I know the shipping would have been handled better. I ordered the machine and strips from there. Also, it would have been helpful to have a pamphlet or something with clearer directions and pictures. The package came with only the bottle in it. I expected the bottle of solution to be labeled with it's test range, not the bottle of strips. The only directions available with my machine didn't really clear up the confusion for me. I eventually found the range on my strips. Just would have been helpful to have an insert with the bottle in the package. Aside from that, I'm assuming my machine is working because it tested within range, but I still have a feeling it's not. I don't know how my Ketones can be so low that the machine just reads "Lo", or was it "Low". Thank you for developing the machine, up until this new bottle of strips, everything was working great. I'm having a set back here.

christopher b

I Love me Keto Meter its so fun to see when i go into Ketosis and what foods knock me out of Ketosis. Highly recommend this company!!

Nick B

It worked great and helped me verify my results.

Moni S

There was no reading on the bottle to use as calibration, so I have no idea whether or not the reading I’m seeing is correct I’ve also had some precision issues with my meter that are concerning. 3 readings in a row in succession yield wildly different results

jill b

I haven’t used it because no instructions were included. I searched online and no instructions there either- referred me to the meters user manual which I no longer have.