Ketone & Glucose Meter - Premium Starter Kit


The Keto-Mojo Premium Starter Kit gives you everything you need to measure your level of ketosis and help you dial in your ketogenic diet. The kit includes the Keto-Mojo ketone and glucose meter, 60 ketone strips, and  60 glucose strips, along with the accessory bag with a lancet device and 10 lancets.

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Easy to set up and use.

Mahmod B


The online tutorials on how to get started were super helpful.

Cat G


Heather H

Perfect for me! It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but it is wonderful to have. I check my own and my boyfriend's ketone levels, and blood sugar levels. I am doing keto, and its nice to have extra peace of mind that I am on track and in ketosis.

Chris H

Love it. Super easy to use and accurate! Very impressed

Todd K

I'm very happy with my new keto mojo glucometer kit, I would recommend this brand to anyone looking to track your blood levels. So simple to use.


Erik H

Exactly what I wanted. Affordable and simple to use.

Ron K


Love it, both tests with the same machine makes it very convenient

Katie V

I love my meter! It was a bit confusing to use at first but after the first few times, you get the hang of it. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten the kit with the bluetooth connector.

Stormy T

I really like my new monitor. So far I haven't gotten those annoying error signs. I like how large the strips are, I find them easier to use. Hopefully someday the ketone strips will become more reasonably priced.


Seems to work just great. I can test both my glucose and ketones. The only reason it wasn't a 5 star is because the code key didn't want to do anything but show an error message. But it's a good product!


This is just what I was looking for to test my blood glucose and ketone levels for the Keto diet. Easy to use and the Ketomojo support staff was very helpful with proactive emails about how to use it. Since I knew nothing about doing this type of thing, watching the YouTube videos made it very simple to learn. Highly recommend this product.

Kelly S

This little device was a game changer. I even bought one for my son. Worth the money, also wonderful tutorial video for beginners. Simply a Great Product. Thank you!

Nancy S

It took me a while to figure the mojo out. You didn't show what numbers to show when you're in Ketosis. I had to search for the numbers. But overall your videos are very informative. And helpful. Thank you, Nancy

Tessa U

Frank G

Very easy to use. I love being able to get blood reading instead of just urine

Nicole B

I love this!! I’m now able to see how far in or out of keto I am and how certain foods affect me. Money well spent!

Vincent P

Lori T


I have really loved being able to track my GKI and see how different foods and activities affect my ability to create ketones. This has been a great tool for me to learn about me!

Glenn E

Five stars and more! The product and the customer service at Keto-Mojo is excellent! I had a little trouble getting a consistent reading when I first started using the meter but got some great help from Michele in customer service and found that I needed to be more careful about getting a good blood sample. I will still occasionally take two readings just to double check if I feel like I did not get a good sample but for the most part the meter seems to be giving me an accurate number. I also use the meter to test blood glucose and check the GKI with your online calculator. So I am happy with the whole system and appreciate that you are fighting the good fight to keep the quality of the products high and reasonably priced. Keep up the good work! Thanks! P.S. The instructional videos are awesome! Very helpful.

Cheryl J

Love it

Annette L


Keto-Mojo has been the best investment I’ve made, since embarking on my Keto journey in 2017! I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. All questions I had were answered on the Keto-Mojo website, and testing is painless. I like knowing for sure I’m in ketosis and what my blood sugar level is...and Keto-Mojo makes that easy.

Kristopher S

My kit is awesome. I have the ability to carry my meter, ketone strips, glucose strips, and lancets in the same case. I like the style and the quality of design and would highly recommend. For those interested in kept dieting, there is no way to accurately measure without a blood test and I find mine invaluable. In my first week, I am up and down on both glucose and ketones and I am figuring out what foods are causing what I do and don't want in my body.. buy it!!!

Johnny P

works good for a good price.

Joe S

Works Great. Fast shipping!