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Master Keto in 28 Days - Online Course

Master Keto in 28 Days - Online Course

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Keto-Mojo is taking its expertise to the next level by offering this self-paced course on the fundamentals of a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s taught by our in-house registered dietitian who guides you through easy-to-follow articles and videos that give you all the information you need to confidently make your dietary transformation. The course is organized to give you the right information, in the right order so you successfully ease into a ketogenic lifestyle. 

The Course Includes: 

  • 4-week online introductory videos led by a registered dietitian 
  • Easy-to-follow, medically-reviewed articles and videos  
  • Demonstrations on how to calculate personalized macronutrient goals and create custom meal plans 
  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Assessment of learning through weekly quizzes 
  • Certificate of Completion  
  • Lifetime access

By the Numbers: 

  • 12 videos led by a registered dietitian 
  • 18 supplemental videos 
  • 54 supplemental articles 
  • 5 quizzes 
  • 1 survey 
  • Certificate of Completion 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon purchase of this course, you will receive an order confirmation notice and another email titled Important Link Enclosed that will give you the instructions to access your course. That email could take up to 5 minutes before you see it in your inbox.  If you do not see it within 5 minutes, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see the email please reach out to our customer support at

Course Curriculum:  

Chapter 1: Preparing for the Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle 

Before you begin your ketogenic diet journey, there are some important preparations that you should put in place so you get off on the right start. In this section, we advise you on a few things like the necessary tools and supplements you’ll want to get to prepare for this lifestyle change, what changes you’ll need to make in your pantry, and what foods to shop for that will help you ease into your new lifestyle. 

Chapter 2: Week 1 on a Ketogenic Diet 

The first week of the ketogenic diet is all about learning! This section will teach you how to calculate your macronutrients and how to log your food accurately. You will also learn how, when, and why to test blood ketones and blood glucose and what these numbers can tell you about your body. We’ll also be reviewing potential side effects and how to avoid them. 

Chapter 3: Week 2 on a Ketogenic Diet  

By week two of this lifestyle change, you may be ready for some variety in your meal preparation routine. We give you lots of food tips and tricks, including keto substitutions for some of your favorite foods. There are so many great low-carbohydrate recipes, and we have compiled many for you. You can even use a meal planning tool to create a low-carbohydrate meal plan for a week. 

Chapter 4: Week 3 on a Ketogenic Diet  

During the third week, you may be ready to incorporate exercise into your routine. We explain the relationship between exercise and ketones, what workouts might be best for you, and what to eat before and after exercise. We also introduce you to intermittent fasting and explain why this can be an effective tool in your keto lifestyle.  

Chapter 5: Week 4 on a Ketogenic Diet  

In this last section, you will learn troubleshooting tips and what it means to be fat-adapted. You’ll also learn about some of the unseen benefits that are happening in your body. We also introduce you to exogenous ketones – what they are, what they do, and whether they are right for you. 

Course Instructor:

Jessica Ernst MS, RD, CSP, LD 

Registered Dietitian/ Clinical Educator 

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