Top Ketone Meter For At Home Testing

How Does Our Blood Ketone Meter Measure Up? 

The Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone and Glucose Meter and testing strips utilize the most advanced technology in the industry, exceeding FDA standards as well as the more exacting ISO 15197:2013 international standards.  We are so confident in the accuracy and performance of our meter, we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty!
Rated “Best Ketone Meter” by Diet Doctor, Keto-Mojo has earned the respect and endorsement of researchers, hospitals, clinics and doctors.

The Technology Behind the Meter

Our patented 2+2 technology with HCT interference compensation is the most advanced technology in in-vitro glucose and ketone testing and uses 2 enzymes, plus 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16bit/8MIPS microprocessor.

This technology enables the meter to provide accurate measurements at very low levels, allowing consumers to track their progress right from the start. 

Features of our Ketone Meter 

ketone and glucose meter specifications

    Enhanced Meter Functions  

    The Keto-Mojo meter has a range of additional functions that allow users to dial in their testing protocols and their ability to track their measurements.

    • Alarm Function:up 4 daily alarms can be set to help users maintain consistency in measurements by testing at the same time every day.
    • Average Function:the meter will calculate averages for 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 days. A large memory allows you to store up to 1000 test results and monitor what’s happening with your readings over time.
    • Before and after meal measurement tagging (AC and PC):this is especially handy for testing your food sensitivities (learn more about that here).
      • AC refers to the Latin term “Ante Cibum" Before meal
      • PC refers to the Latin term “Post Cibum"After meal
    • Connectivity to our App:upload your ketone and glucose readings from your meter to your smartphone with the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth connector and app.
    • Hygienic strip ejector:just one touch with one hand and you can easily eject used strips.
    • Large back lit LCD display:easy to read in any lighting conditions.

    Support for using your Keto-Mojo Meter 

    We provide a whole range of tools to help you optimize the use of your meter to track your progress with your keto lifestyle.
    • Comprehensive online Help Docs and FAQs  to quickly answer your questions
    • A team of full-time professional support personnel that are available via phone, email or chat, to answer questions
    • Extensive video library provides hands-on guidance for best practices in testing
    • Lifetime warranty: we are the only FDA-approved meter to offer a lifetime warranty if the meter is faulty