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Keto-Mojo is committed to working with Health Professionals, Coaches, Trainers and Influencers by providing discounted products, premier education and resources to guide you and your patients/clients through the ketogenic journey.

As our partner, we empower you to provide the most accurate meter and strips to your patients/clients to achieve consistent testing and accurate results for improved management and tracking when following the ketogenic diet for weight loss, improved health and management of individual health-related conditions.


Pass direct savings to your patients/clients

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Purchase meter kits and resell them to your patients/clients at parity pricing with Keto-Mojo. The minimum order is ½ case or 20 kits.

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Receive academic pricing to use Keto-Mojo meters and strips in a clinical or academic setting.

Benefits to Becoming a Health Professional Partner

Affiliate Program

Option A - No Commission

Extend a 15% discount to your patients/clients on Keto-Mojo meter kits via a unique link. Share this link directly with your patients/clients and they will enjoy a discount on products sold on the Keto-Mojo website. You carry no inventory and your patients/clients benefit from your relationship with Keto-Mojo.

Option B - WITH Commission

Provide the same discount to your patients/clients as Option A, however you are also interested in accepting up to 10% commission on referral sales. The option you choose as a Brand Ambassador depends on your individual standard practices.

Wholesale Program

Purchase meter kits and resell them to your patients/clients at parity pricing with Keto-Mojo. The minimum order is ½ case or 20 kits, which we ship directly to you. Apply below to become a Wholesale partner.


Academia Program

The Keto-Mojo team is very excited to launch a new program developed specifically for our academic partners who are working and researching in the ketogenic field. We realize that your work is critical to the ongoing provability of the use of the ketogenic lifestyle in helping to improve an individual’s health.

In that pursuit, we realize that the confidence in accurate and repeatable measurements of blood ketone and glucose is at the very heart of your research. Keto-Mojo is committed to providing you with the best tools, information and data possible to reinforce your studies and allow your research dollars to focus on critical areas within your research. Apply here for more information.


Customer Support

Our Customer Support team has developed a library of Help Docs and online service options for both you and your patients. They offer live support to answer questions about how to properly use the Keto-Mojo blood glucose and ketone monitoring system. For home-based blood testing. Keto-Mojo offers:

  • Full-time US-based Customer Support
  • Our team members live the ketogenic lifestyle so they speak and offer guidance from actual experience
  • Constantly update help documentation
  • User-friendly videos available