Will too much protein push you out of ketosis? Medium

Will too much protein push you out of ketosis?

It Sure Can!

While protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass, there’s often a misconception that a ketogenic diet is a high-protein diet. Remember, keto is a HIGH fat, low carb, moderately low protein diet. WATCH the first video on the left by Thomas DeLauer, one of the world’s leading life & fitness coaches, for a quick explanation on how too much protein can turn to sugar. And if you want even more information on the process of gluconeogenesis, then WATCH the second video. The most important takeaway is “bio-individuality”. Your specific macros, including protein consumption, are unique to you and based on your body, activity level, sex, and age. You’ll need to find out where your threshold level is depending on your goals (either for weight loss, athletic performance, or therapeutic benefits).

This is where the keto-mojo meter comes into play. We have a saying here…you can only manage what you measure!  For the full benefits of a ketogenic diet, you want to know for certain that you are in ketosis. And if you are going to measure, then blood testing is by far the most accurate and reliable way to test. For more on the efficacy of different ketone testing methods, WATCH the third video.


With a keto-mojo meter and regular testing, you’ll be able to dial in the amount of protein that is right for you, and that keeps you in ketosis.