Will too much protein push you out of ketosis?

Will Too Much Protein Push You Out of Ketosis?

The answer is: Absolutely!

While protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass it is important to have the proper amount for YOUR level of activity. Remember, keto is a HIGH fat, low carb, moderately low protein diet, but your individual macros are based on your body, activity level, sex, and age.

This is where the Keto-Mojo meter comes into play! Everyone is different and with an affordable and accurate tool like the our meter, you can tweak your macros to find what works for you!

We have a saying here at Keto-Mojo…you can only manage what you measure!  And you can measure best with our FDA-approved blood ketone and glucose monitoring systemWe’re the most accurate and affordable testing kit on the market, and the only one with a LIFETIME Warranty.