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Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Connector - for use only with METER MODEL TD 4279

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The Bluetooth connector easily converts your Keto-Mojo Classic TD4279 to a Bluetooth enabled device. It fits neatly into the meter’s strip port and will instantly download all of your readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app available for iOS 12 and and Android 6 and above.

It is not for use with the newer Bluetooth Integrated meter.  


**Compatible with iOS 12 and above, and Android 6 and above.**

YOU MUST HAVE A KETO-MOJO METER MODEL TD 4279 TO USE THE BLUETOOTH CONNECTOR (not a Bluetooth integrated meter).  Note: this model number is printed on the front of your meter.

* phone is not included, for demonstration only




4.31 Average

204 Reviews

Christine W

So glad I purchased to use with my TD4279 meter! I've had my keto-mojo meter for 4 years and have tracked my blood sugar and ketones sporadically in that time. The numbers were more of a check-in rather than data used to track and manage my health. With the Bluetooth connector, I sync my data to the KetoMojo app which automatically calculates my GKI. Within 48 hours of starting a keto eating plan, tracking my macros using Cronometer, and testing with the Keto-Mojo, I was in ketosis - ketones of 0.9, glucose 80 and GKI of 4.9. It is easy to test multiple times throughout the day and have all that data uploaded when I want. Syncing data to the KetoMojo app takes only seconds! The KetoMojo app also graphs trends of my glucose, ketone and GKI levels and shares data with the HeadsUp Health app where I can see all of my health data side-by-side. A must have for users of the TD 4279!


The unit came quickly. It is very easy to use. I like that the app is totally free!

Susanne V

Met my needs and made my old meter new.

Penny B

Keeps me in track. Holds me accountable

Kyle H

Works without issue.

Ed S

Love this add-on. Magnificent! Works great and so easy!

Hector F

Easy meter to use


The shipping for this connector was quicker than I had expected during these unprecedented times, arriving within a few days of ordering. A connector the size of a small USB thumb drive, arrived in it's own little box, with setup instructions right on the inside of the box lid. There was a small set of instructions provided by an insert in the box, as well. Setup was a breeze, and in a few short minutes, I had transferred all of my TD-4279 meter's past readings into the Android app. This connector allows me to quickly and conveniently track my readings through the app, which allows me to see developing trends and quickly make any necessary adjustments. This purchase was worth every penny, since it enables me to see my progress in a graphical format, rather than as some lifeless numbers on a page.

Thomas N

Extremely easy to use, interface with the Keto-Mojo app is seamless. Being a extremely Data Driven individual, I really like the ability to view the correlation of my daily blood glucose/ketone levels with my exercise and keto diet. (Carb Manager - FitBit - Keto-Mojo) (Input, Output, Monitor >> Control)


moves all the data, very handt

Laurie U

I have never been able to know how my body reacts to food and situations. This meter gives me up to the minute information so I can make the right choices for my health. It’s very user friendly. With A quick check on my phone I have all the information I need.

Julie J

It works like a charm. It's nice to have the information so quickly and on my phone with the app. I can quickly show my doctor my results and I love that the GKI is automatically calculated for me.

Bradford L

A great tool and is very very helpful

Massiel D

5 starts definitely worth it. I purchased this for my sister in law who had the older model of the keto mojo, she absolutely loves it. It works great and it helps her monitor her readings on her phone with the App which allows her to keep track of her keto diet. I would recommend this to anyone who has the older version and would like to upload and keep track of there keto and glucose reading.

Anne Q

I love my Bluetooth connector, it makes keeping track of my readings accessible at my fingertips! Would definitely recommend it.

Luanne C

The connector gives me a great way to download and analyze my glucose and ketone data.

Elyse T

I love that keto mojo came out with an easy to use bluetooth and app! It makes tracking really quick and convenient!

Martha W

Daryl L

The tool at first would not upload data consistently. However, it was determined to be an app issue which was fixed within a day or two. It works flawless for me now.

Eboniece B

Lea K

Worked well.

Allyson P

Works as expected and delivery was timely.

Dan E

A very simple yet most useful device for uploading data of blood samples for a more informed keto experience. I use it every day.

Rebecca B

I’ve had the keto mojo kit for a couple of years now, and didn’t have the funds to upgrade to their new Bluetooth enabled device. This little jig has been great to download readings onto my phone for easier tracking. I should’ve purchased sooner!

Jim S

I had no problems connecting up my Keto-Mojo with my app using the connector.Then I connected it up with Headsuphealth and again no problems. Very quick and simple.

Donna S

Love my Bluetooth connector. Makes finding my GKI numbers easy!

Valerie T

It's a simple little gadget to get your slightly older device wifi-enabled. I figured out how to get it all communicating with my phone without step by step instructions. Okay, so it was a little dumb luck but I did it and learned my blood sugar and ketones are close to where they should be.


Like to see glucose and ketone dates and times at the same time

Celine B

The Bluetooth Connector is great. It takes about 10 seconds total from plugging it in, to opening the app and syncing to have your stats on your phone. I wish it would calculate the GKI right in the app while at it.

Barbara B