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Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Connector - for use only with METER MODEL TD 4279

The Bluetooth connector easily converts your Keto-Mojo Classic TD4279 to a Bluetooth enabled device. It fits neatly into the meter’s strip port and will instantly download all of your readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app available for iOS 12 and and Android 6 and above.

It is not for use with the newer Bluetooth Integrated meter.  


**Compatible with iOS 12 and above, and Android 6 and above.**

YOU MUST HAVE A KETO-MOJO METER MODEL TD 4279 TO USE THE BLUETOOTH CONNECTOR (not a Bluetooth integrated meter).  Note: this model number is printed on the front of your meter.

* phone is not included, for demonstration only




4.34 Average

160 Reviews

Debbie C

It works great! Love having my numbers on my phone. Would have given it a 5 except the app has no dashboards to track trends and I’m not paying for a second app.

Frank W

The connector works great. The android software seem a little glitchy with my Galaxy 10. I always get it to connect and display results but not always on the first try.


Jamie D

I wish it connected automatically without having to download each reading.

Adam K

Works as advertised, a clever little adapter that fits into the strip slot and sends readings from the meter to your phone via the Keto Mojo app. As someone who likes to track and graph progress, this helps quite a bit. You don’t need to send data each time, I do it once every few days and it sends over all my readings.


It was easy to set up the Bluetooth. Just download the app from the App Store. Now I keep track of my results online.


I originally gave the Keto Mojo a one star, because it lacked Bluetooth Connectivity to my phone. The company corrected this by providing an adapter to use. While this is still clunky, it is a viable option and I appreciate their willingness to make it right with me. Now I have to figure out how to tell the keto strips apart. I mixed them up before I remembered they have to be coded to the monitor. UGH! I use a different glucose monitor that does require updating the code. Wish me luck!!!

Pam M

Like it

Daphne W

I ordered this item to sync my info. It is awesome and gives me the info i need all in one place which helps wit my keto success

Glenn V

Makes tracking blood levels over time very easy. Works great with my iPhone.

Janet L

Works well.

Mark P

My wife and I each have a Keto-Mojo and wanted the ability to track results so I purchased two Bluetooth connectors both paired to Android phones. They work perfectly vno issues at all.

Courtney I

I wish it auto-connected and auto-synced when inserted, if the app was open.

John B

Very convenient way to keep track of readings.

Fred C

The BT connector works great! My problem is the requirement to pay for a service I don't want! I would like to see an option to use the app called "Diabedes" developed by MedM at HealthMedM.com! Please contact MedM and allow them to use your protocol. At present the MedM App doesn't support the Keto function! Thanks for a great monitor and BT module!

Robert M

5 star works as designed. Easy to use . Using on iOS iPhone 5


The only reason I give this a 4 is it would be great if the bluetooth option was part of the meter and automatically sync'd with your phone instead of having to insert something else into the meter.

Wendy Z

Almost a perfect keto monitor!!! It would be helpful at the time of taking a reading on keto mojo, then uploading to app....if on the app there was an optional memo next to reading so you could input your meal or thoughts about your reading. Otherwise works beautifully.


Bruce Q

big fan. works perfectly


Love the Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Connector - the app on my phone makes it so easy to track my glucose and ketone numbers.



Jennifer B

I’ve been following a Keto diet combined with intermittent fasting for about 5 mos. I’ve lost 42 lbs. so far and couldn’t be happier. The Keto-Mojo system for testing Glucose and Keyones has given me insight into how my body reacts to both the diet (certain foods), and fasting. I don’t think I could have made it this far without it, and I’ve discovered fasting is key for me to loose body fat. I highly recommend this system and doing your own testing to assist with learning what your body reacts to on a Keto and/or Fasting diet.

Rocco A

This blue tooth adapter is exactly what I needed. Now keeping track of your readings is easy as being a carnivore. Thanks Mojo !

Victoria M

This little connector works so effortlessly and fast in my IPhone. Keeps me up to date on my reading. I am so happy this was invented. I am so glad I purchased this.

Kathy S

I love that I can move my info to my iphone/ipad! Easy at the doctor's office.


Definitely 5 stars! So incredibly easy to use and I love that I can keep accurate accounts of my daily ketones on my phone. Just recently started to taking my glucose readings. For anyone seriously following a ketosis diet or checking glucose, I highly recommend.

Nathan E

Excellent product. The connector is easy to use and integrates with the iPhone app easily. I wish the iPhone app itself showed some progress graphs but perhaps that will be an enhancement someday.

Gordon T

The bluetooth adaptor works a well as it possibly can. Plug it in the Keto Mojo open the app, click sync and boom, all your history is in your phone. In all honestly it can not possibly be any easier, unless it was built into the meter, which would be nice, but this is the next best thing. Keto Mojo may be a small company, but based on my experience of dealing with them, they are a first class, customer focused company that recognizes the value in satisfying their customers. I recommend Keto Mojo to anyone looking for a Keto meter. The quality is excellent, the cost of ownership is the lowest that I am aware of, you simply can not go wrong with Keto Mojo.

Stephen W

Very easy method for uploading results for better analysis. Works every time and only takes seconds. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to track their results.