Early bird special, Founders club kit

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For those of you who did not quite get to the early EARLY! Bird special we are offering an additional 500 meters.
Ships week of September 12th.



The early bird Founders club kit includes the keto-mojo ketone and glucose meter, 10 ketone strips, and the accessory bag with a lancet device and lancets.



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Vicki O

Haven’t used it yet because I’m having trouble with set up

Susan M

Very easy to use, instructions clear. Love being able to measure both ketones and glucose from a single meter. Having both sets of data really helps keep on track with a ketogenic diet and control of T2 Diabetes.

Scott M

Ketone results comparable with my old novaMAX plus for 1/3 the cost per test. Nicely built meter with big, bright, backlit display.

Stacy K

Love the product!

christopher h

So far so good ketone strips at a $1 who can complain

Jennifer D

This meter is excellent and definitely the most reasonably priced meter on the market!

Joshua A

Easy to use, took no time at all to figure it out. Love the accurate, and quick, results.

matthew t

This system is the cheapest, and perhaps more accurate than anything else out there. So happy to have jumped in early!

Carrie G

I've been considering a ketone meter for some time but was very apprehensive about the price of the strips. Getting in as an early bird allowed me to get a great deal on the meter and the strips. Now that I have it, I have found that it is very easy to use, speedy, and much less painful than I was concerned the finger stick to be. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Jessica K

Its been a good experience overall. I've ordered more strips since purchasing the kit. The key I found in using the meter is to ensure more than adequate blood is available for the strips (as it'll compete the test with not enough blood and that throws off the results) and to clean off the first droplet of blood for the glucose reading (it was giving weird numbers for the hemoglobin).

Veronica G

Overall the item is great... I am however upset that your company is associated with Harlan Kilstein. I make it a point not to buy anything remotely associated with his name. The product itself is great, the fact that you have joined with him is appalling and in poor taste.

Tami H

I am new to testing blood sugar and ketones but have tried another machine first. I do like this one better because of the backlight which makes it easier to read. Everything seems to work just as stated. Easy to use and ordering strips was quick and easy. I would recommend!

Alice M

Haven’t ordered my first set of refill strips yet, but so far, everything has been great!

Scott S

My Ketomojo kit came on time and it works great. I'm able to accurately monitor my ketone levels and make adjustments in my diet to optimize the fat burning system.

Kris V

Great! Love having both Ketone test as well as blood glucose in one reasonably priced meter!

Susan W

I love my Keto Mojo. I’m able to really dial in to how different foods affect me using the glucose and ketone strips.

Julie F

I love to monitor my glucose and ketones without always thinking about "how much is this costing me

Anna F

These strips and this meter have changed the way I monitor my ketogenic lifestyle.

Valerie S

Keto-Mojo delivered the kit and supplies in a timely manner. Device is easy to use and read! Thanks!

Elaina W

I am very pleased with the Keto Mojo meter! The results are very close when compared to my other meters. I will be using the mojo to monitor my ketones from now on!

Chad L

I've been looking for a good ketone meter for months. There seemed to be only a couple of choices and those were hard to find. And when you did find one the strips were prohibitively expensive. Keto Mojo was just the ticket. Good, quality, and inexpensive. I am finally able to track my ketone level accurately anytime of the day and not worry how expensive it is going to be.

Kym B

Came in as shown and glad to have it!

Barbara C

I love this device, and the cost of strips. etc.

Julie C

It’s easy to use and afordable!! Thank you!!

Tiffany B

I have had over 15 errors while using the meter. That has been adding up, and it is like throwing away $1 each time. I am a paramedic, so I understand how the meter works, so I am confident it is not a user error. Once my strip runs out, I am not sure if I will be buying again. I don't like throwing money down the drain and being the strips for the meter are not cheep that is what it feels like.

Lisa H

Meter works great and it's very easy to use! I wish there was an app and blue tooth for the meter! But that doesn't stop me from loving it!