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Keto-Mojo Accessory Bag with Lancet Device

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Accessory bag and Lancet device, contains 10 lancets.

  • Keep your Keto-Mojo safe and easy to handle with our accessory bag and lancet device.
  • The accessory bag can hold your meter, two vials of strips, lancet device, and spare lancets.
  • The Keto-Mojo lancet device features an easy twist release design for safe and easy operation.
  • The lancet has a 6 level depth selector enhances comfort for daily testing.
  • Holds most standard brands of lancets from your local pharmacy.

    Customer Reviews

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    4.56 Average

    18 Reviews

    Anita S

    Cheryl K

    joel c

    It was a pleasure making my purchase with Keto-Mojo. Shipped very quickly and when promised. Additionally, after I clumsily broke the lancet, I called and spoke to one of your reps. and told her what happened. She was very polite and and accommodating. Without missing a beat she said "no problem", we'll send you a replacement right away and I received it a couple of days later. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for the great service.

    Ruth H

    Very good price. Delivered fast

    Jane H

    Bought this for my husband to use. He has used it several times. Very satisfied, Thank you

    Michael B

    This Company is an A+. I purchased their ketone meter from Amazon and the bag had a tip in it. When I called them they were very friendly and immediately shipped me another one along with some extra ketone strips free of charge. I could tell they care about their customers. Will buy again for sure.

    Jessica S

    This device is magic! Helped me get into ketosis so much faster than without having all the data.

    Karyl P

    Good product- great customer service!

    Suzanne L

    Everything that helps organize me is good. I Lysoled my carryon bag and stuffed it with Keto mojo things. I don’t like the big finger stick much but there is enough blood for the glucose strip and the Keto strip. Only once, when I smeared the blood, did I have to stick myself twice.

    Jorge R

    I bought a second accessory bag with lancet device as a backup for the ones that came with the meter kit. I find the quality to be excellent for both the accessory bag and lancet device.


    THE Keto Mojo meter is so nice and very easy to use. As a diabetic I have used a lot of meters. I am happy with my purchase and the company has been very nice to work with. I am on the Ketogenic diet and I find this meter so helpful. I Can test blood sugar levels and ketones on the same meter. The lancet device is easy to use with several levels of depth so it is comfortable and stores nicely in my accessory bag with meter. Thank you Keto Mojo for making such a nice meter.

    David I

    Easy to use, quick results and a great price make this glucose and ketone meter the best choice for anyone concerned with their health.



    Fantastic Customer Service. Highly recommended!

    Anthony Q

    Excellent. Love the keto mojo. The shipping was fast and the customer service couldn't be better!