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Keto-Mojo Classic Ketone & Glucose Meter - Basic Starter Kit + FREE Bluetooth Connector

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Special price of $39.00 + FREE Bluetooth Connector, a $14.95 value.
Plus Free Shipping 

The Basic Starter Kit includes the Keto-Mojo ketone and glucose meter, 10 ketone strips, 10 glucose strips, and the accessory bag with a lancet device, 10 lancets and 1 Bluetooth Connector 

For a limited time, the meter kit comes with a Bluetooth connector which fits neatly into the Keto-Mojo meter’s strip port and will instantly download all of your readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo app available for iOS and Android.

**Compatible with iOS (version 12 and above), and Android (version 6 and above)**

Customer Reviews

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4.67 Average

33 Reviews


First experience with a Ketone meter. Works as advertised, very happy so far.

Beth F

easy to use


Daphne R

Ahmed F

Very nice packaging. Very nice instructions, full of tips and health information. Email follows up to educate you about how to use the product, very intuitive kit. By far the best glucose and ketones testers out in the market

Dmitriy G

Overall a good set. A few comments: 1. Taking into account that I measure both ketones and glucose I was surprised to see that app doesn’t calculate GKI. It would be a nice add; 2. Having 3 users of the device at home it would be nice if the device can support multi user mode.


Am enjoying my new toy KetoMojo! It is really helping me stay on track in Ketosis!


Exactly what I needed to track Ketosis!!

Jamey W

Good kit to get started. The written instructions and videos are somewhat confusing. My mother is diabetic, so she helped me learn how to use the keto mojo. I wish the ketone testing 50 count strips were less expensive. There should be loyalty points or receive a discount for automatic reshipments. Consider making this business decision

Cyndi W

I really like the convience of the Bluetooth. Maybe in the future you all can get it to sync with carb manager app.

Laura h

The starter kit was everything I expected it to be! I used the online chat to ask a couple of questions and they we answered quickly and completely. I am very pleased!!

Shawn A

Love it!!! Working great. Very simple to use!!!

Ruth W

I love the ease and convenience of this meter and that I can sync it will the app on my phone!


The meter is very user friendly, and easy to carry around. It really keeps you accountable in what you do and eat.


Really like this product which has helped me keep inline with the keto diet(Keto obsessed) and monitoring my gki index. Super easy to use and really like the bluetooth historical tracker. Overall impressed with this product.

Sharon P

Love this kit. Works well and keeps me on track. I only wish the strips were not so pricey.



Love my KetoMojo meter, it works perfectly and helps to keep me on track.


Worth the money

Bernadette O

I love how easy it is use. I especially like the Bluetooth feature that uploads the results on the phone app.

Joyce S

I had thought I didn't want to be messing with blood letting but it really was the only way to figure out what my body was doing with sugars, so I took the plunge. The system is very easy to use and fast! Take the time to set your lancet at a level that is just enough to draw a drop of blood and not so deep that you look like a vampire feast. I'm extremely pleased with the kit and the bluetooth connector. I've added glucose and ketone monitoring to my daily routines and the info is really helping me determine the best diet and exercise routines for me.

Tara G

Love it! The company has been great when I couldn’t figure it out!

Laurie M

After a couple of months using Ketone urine strips, I decided to try blood monitoring. It is like night and day difference. The meter works great. Definitely watch youtube videos for tips on "how to," use properly. It's easier and I have learned a lot about how food impacts me! Only issues I have had were due to my user errors twice. Great tool.

Ryan P

Royce G

Since starting the Keto way of eating, I've needed a way to monitor my blood sugar response to certain foods to see what impact they have on me. This meter also measures ketones, so I can make sure my GKI index is in the right place. I love having the bluetooth connector. It makes syncing all of my readings to my phone so simple. I recommend getting this meter if you like are a health data nerd like I am!


The Ketone & Glucose Meter is a fabulous meter. It is easy to set up and use, and I have confidence in its accuracy. When I compare my glucose reading with my old meter, the readings are very close. This is a great product with terrific customer service. I had a question which they answered promptly. I did not feel as if I had bothered them. I would highly recommend this machine. Keto on! ~t


I love my keto mojo! it's simple to use, with quick results.


Travis R

Meter and Bluetooth connector are super simple to use. Watch the how to videos Before it comes and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Kaitlyn V

Love the tester however it’s disappointing how little test strips they give you for ketones. I haven’t even used the glucose ones, just ketones as it is for ketosis or so I thought.